Pearls at the Snell

Erica WenzelMuhlenberg senior softball player Erica Wenzel writes about a recent conference she attended.

A few weekends ago, Coach Ally Boertzel, Kayleigh Thies and I drove down to Ursinus College to attend the Snell-Shillingford Coaching Symposium. Kaitlyn McCaffrey was able to join us on the last day. Student athletes and coaches from the Centennial Conference attended the symposium, and we all had one thing in common (besides being athletes): we were all female.

This symposium was founded for female athletes to learn about the history of women in sports, and provide resources to help them continue to work professionally, for example, through coaching or administrative work.

Snell Shillingford Symposium

After dropping off our bags at the hotel, we took a bus over to Ursinus and jumped right into the weekend. There were many presentations throughout the weekend, but I am just going to highlight a few.

The first presentation, Leading with Personality, presented by Coach DeMarco from Bryn Mawr College, was very interactive and fun. We learned more about ourselves and how other people perceive us. By learning about the different personalities, we also learn how to communicate and work with people of different personalities.

Snell-Shillingford SymposiumThe Many Hats of Coaching was presented by Coach Cantele from Gettysburg College and our own Coach Stuckel. This presentation talked about all the different roles that coaches play. There were 15 different hats (or roles)! Some of the hats that surprised me were the artist hat, travel agent hat, lawyer hat, social director hat and jester hat. It was fun to see both coaches dress up and wear all these different hats.

There were also a couple presentations on Title IX (Understanding Title IX and Its History, and The Status of Gender Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics as Title IX Turns 40) which I found very interesting, mainly because I didn’t know that much before. Did you know that Title IX was actually created because women were discriminated against at higher level institutions, whether getting into graduate school, or becoming a tenured professor?

The conference was empowering and provided a lot of resources for our futures. It gave us the tools to pursue our future in athletics and opened my eyes to many different opportunities and things to think about when I become a coach. I would highly recommend this opportunity for any female athlete who is interested in coaching!

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