Basketball Postscript

If it seemed like the 2011-12 season was a particularly good one for basketball at Muhlenberg, that’s because it was.

The Mule women ended their season in the second round of the NCAA Tournament at Mount Union on Saturday, bringing down the curtain on one of the best winters of basketball in College history.

The women finished with a record of 23-6, while the men were 18-9. The 41 combined wins were the second-most ever at Muhlenberg. Here are the top 10 years for combined wins:

  • 2008-09    42-15 (women 26-4, men 16-11)
  • 2011-12    41-15 (women 23-6, men 18-9)
  • 2001-02    40-10 (women 21-4, men 19-6)
  • 2005-06    40-15 (women 26-3, men 14-12)
  • 1985-86    36-15 (men 20-7, women 16-8)
  • 2010-11    36-18 (women 23-6, men 13-12)
  • 1997-98    35-20 (women 18-10, men 17-10)
  • 2009-10    34-20 (women 21-6, men 13-14)
  • 1998-99    33-18 (men 17-8, women 16-10)
  • 1996-97    33-18 (women 18-8, men 15-10)

During the season both Mule teams won two tournaments, one at home (the Scotty Wood Tournament) and one on the road (the Gallaudet Holiday Tournament for the men, the Centennial Conference playoffs for the women).

The men came within one win of the CC title. It was the eighth time in the 19-year history of the league that a school placed both its men’s and women’s team in the championship game, and the first time since 2000 that a school did so and came away with one title:

  • 2012 Muhlenberg (women won, men lost)
  • 2008 Gettysburg (both lost)
  • 2006 Johns Hopkins (both lost)
  • 2004 Johns Hopkins (both lost)
  • 2000 Johns Hopkins (women won, men lost)
  • 1999 Johns Hopkins (both won)
  • 1998 Muhlenberg (both won)
  • 1998 Johns Hopkins (both lost)

Both Mule teams wound up exactly where they were predicted to in the CC preseason polls (the women first and the men second). But to say the seasons went as expected would be a stretch. Both teams started strong (a combined 17-2 in November and December), faltered in January (a combined 9-9) and hit their strides coming down the stretch (a combined 11-2 in February leading up to the playoffs).

In January, before the teams hit their rough patch, we wrote about the success of both teams. The article referred to an “infectious culture of winning.”

Now that the infection has taken hold, the Mules and their fans hope it continues to spread in the coming years.

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  1. Can’t wait ’til next season…I predict conference championships for BOTH Women and men!!! GoMules!

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