Capitol Investment

The Muhlenberg men’s basketball team spent the three days after Thanksgiving in Washington, D.C. The weekend started with a tour of the U.S. Capitol and ended with the Mules winning the championship of the Gallaudet Holiday Tournament.

Along the way, the Mules learned a little bit about their country and their school, and a lot about themselves and each other. Here’s what some of them had to say about the trip:

Matt O’Hara

My favorite part of the tour through the Capitol Building was the video we watched. It took us through the history of America and how it has come together through many obstacles and difficulties to stand now united as one. The main line in the movie was “Out of many, we are one.” That night, at practice, we talked about how our team is battling through our own obstacles and difficulties and how we need to come together, from many, into one.

It was great being in a place steeped with so much history and walking out of that building, learning all types of facts and history, but also things that we could take and apply to our own team to make us become better. The trip was awesome and I believe will be one of the main reasons for what we hope to be a very successful year.

Ryan Lagomarsino

Our trip started with a tour of the US Capitol Building, in which the Latin phrase, “E pluribus unum,” which appears on the Seal of the United States, was greatly emphasized. When translated, it means, “Out of many, one,” and it is applied to the great diversities found within America, and how we are able to pull together to create one great country. This phrase soon became our intangible thought of the weekend as we, as a very diverse team with many unique individuals and pieces, focused on how to come together to play and win together.

We did come together to win the Gallaudet championship, however we have a long way to go before we can hang a banner up and win the Centennial Conference championship.

Austin Curry

I really enjoyed the trip as a whole. It was a nice way for our young team to bond and see sites which were, and still are, the center of our country’s history. By far, besides winning the championship, I enjoyed seeing the statue of [John Peter Gabriel] Muhlenberg in the Capitol Building. I didn’t realize his importance in our country’s history. I’m expecting our team picture with the Muhlenberg statue to be on the center of the school’s web page. (here it is, below)

Also I plan to return to D.C. in order to learn more about the formation and history of our country. The trip planted and grew an interest in me that I never thought I would have.

James Albano

It was really fun walking around Washington and taking a tour of the Capitol Building with my teammates. Being able to walk around where famous people in history worked is pretty cool when you think about it. It’s a great city and I think everyone should take a trip down there to look at everything it has to offer. As a team, I think we all took a lot away from the experience and we were able to relate some of it to us.

Jesse Lerner

The best part of the D.C. trip for me were definitely all of the team bonding experiences. Joining this team as a walkon freshman made it more difficult for me to just jump right into the mix of a group of guys who knew each other so well already. However, being with the team in D.C. for three days, whether we were touring monuments or playing basketball, really brought us all together and made us an even better team.

AJ Dean

The trip to Gallaudet was a much-needed event for the team. Spending time away from the burdens of campus life allowed us to dedicate all our time and energy towards coming closer to one another and developing into a cohesive unit. This showed on the court where we were able to defeat two quality opponents. I believe that as we look back on this team and season in the future, we will view our time in D.C. as the turning point for the Mules.